How to Scale Your Portfolio Analytics with AlternativeSoft

In fund Investing, the volume of data you need to access, manage and analyse can become overwhelming. And as your client base grows, managing portfolios becomes increasingly complex and prone to error. Discover how AlternativeSoft's scalable portfolio analytics solutions can help you to manage your data and processes at pace, efficiently and confidently.


The importance of robust and scalable portfolio analytics

Having reliable portfolio analytics capabilities within your firm that can handle a vast volume of data and provide advanced insights, fast, is vital. In an increasingly competitive market and with allocator expectations higher than ever, your portfolio management needs to be efficient and sophisticated while meeting the latest, stringent regulatory requirements. 


The traditional processes and solutions for portfolio analysis are no longer fit for purpose. Multiple Excel sheets, disparate data sources and manual input tasks are time-consuming and inefficient and can leave your firm exposed to risks. And they’re just not viable if you’re looking to grow - and which business isn’t? 


So, when you’re looking for a portfolio analytics solution that can do the heavy-lifting, consolidate data sets and automate monitoring, you need a system that is flexible, user-friendly and, importantly, scalable.


Portfolio analytics challenges fund investors need to overcome

The key challenges revolve around data and processes. The complexity of data management and analysis increases exponentially with the growing number of funds and instruments you’re dealing with. Plus, the clock is ticking and fund investors are under pressure to deliver accurate, timely plans and reports. 


Here are some of the key portfolio analytics and data management challenges fund investors are faced with right now:

  • Achieving a single source of truth for data
  • Reducing time-consuming manual tasks
  • Building a clear view of risk/return profiles for portfolios
  • Restrictive data structure and lack of customisation
  • Compliance and audibility responsibilities
  • Managing multiple asset classes
  • Inefficient exporting and difficulties making plans/reports client-ready
  • Inadequate visibility


Many of these challenges can be addressed by a portfolio analytics solution that is flexible, scalable, intuitive and user-friendly. Today’s investment management systems need to accommodate a huge volume of historical data and be able to handle complex calculations. The greater the complexity, the bigger the chance of errors occurring if your software is not robust enough. And when trying to consolidate various data sets, with a wide range of variables, small errors can lead to widespread inaccuracies.

Has your current system got the capacity or elasticity to accommodate the complex calculations, within reasonable timeframes? Portfolio management software needs flexible architecture to enable scalable and configurable data and advanced portfolio analytics.


What fund investors can achieve with the right portfolio analytics tools

Considering these challenges fund investors face with legacy portfolio management systems and processes, we’ve outlined some of the key things you can achieve with the right portfolio analytics tools.


Manage complex data sets and demands

Modern, flexible portfolio analytics tools can handle and aggregate complex data sets and investment strategies and provide meaningful risk insights. When handling performance calculations for multiple clients in different regions, with different asset classes and fund types, you need the required customisation and configuration capabilities - especially as each client will have unique goals and measurements.

The right portfolio analytics solution enables fund investors to sync up these variables to meet the specific requirements, with the scope to manage risk requirements for complex instruments and automate preset stress testing conditions and rule-based modelling. Legacy systems require significant manual input time and consideration to cater for these factors.


Align with compliance obligations

The latest global regulations increase pressure on firms to ensure data management, investment planning and reporting processes are more diligent, proven and auditable. And this has increased the level of reference data to be sourced, aggregated and validated.

Calculations from portfolio analytics tools need to be clear, sophisticated and demonstrable (accounting for potential scenarios, stress testing, liquidity and more). Regulators require comprehensive reporting, with data provided promptly, putting further pressure on teams. Modern portfolio management software can merge and manage various data sources and offer a single source of truth for calculations, analysis and reporting.


Meeting increased demands and expectations

Allocators and clients are increasingly savvy and informed, meaning fund investors need to clearly communicate and demonstrate performance and risk analytics reporting, in specific formats. The demand for greater detail and reporting granularity is difficult to meet with traditional processes and legacy systems.


Software that offers extensive flexibility and scalability enables fund investors to perform the required calculations and deliver the analytical volume and level that’s now demanded.


Improve decision-making

Fund investors must strive for greater visibility across the investment process, as they’re more accountable to internal stakeholders' expectations. Firms also increasingly require performance attribution through multiple methodologies to meet internal and external reporting requirements. 


Adopting an advanced portfolio analytics solution can offer the right calculations and insights to power investment decision-making and the capabilities to source the required data, provide the depth of analytics and build robust reports to meet extensive reporting requirements.


Scalable portfolio analytics

In the investment management space, system elasticity and the ability to scale on-demand help firms to become more agile, efficient and innovative. And automation-powered portfolio analytics tools reduce complex tasks that traditionally take days to carry out, and which are subject to risk and error if not carefully managed and monitored, to hours or even minutes in some cases.

Manual input is significantly reduced and daily workloads and processes are streamlined, leading to greater productivity and allowing for more time spent adding value for the firm. Resulting factors, such as lower operational costs and fewer errors or compliance concerns, take pressure off various people up the chain. Additionally, as needs change over time, a scalable portfolio management solution is the best way to adapt without needing to keep overhauling systems - meeting big-picture digital transformation and future-proofing objectives.


How AlternativeSoft’s cutting-edge portfolio analytics solutions support growing businesses

AlternativeSoft’s modern, award-winning portfolio management system offers advanced portfolio analytics solutions that can provide fund investors with the visibility, scalability and flexibility needed to meet modern demands, with robust data consolidation, monitoring and analytical power to give you confidence in your investment decisions, peace of mind over suitably and compliance and automation tools to streamline processes and drive time- and cost-efficiencies.


Our solution removes the heavy lifting and lets you make the right decisions based on the right insights, with the portfolio analytics solution automating complex calculations, stress testing and modelling, and report preparation.


Key benefits of AlternativeSoft’s portfolio analytics tools

AlternativeSoft’s portfolio analytics can ease your compliance concerns and offer the required flexibility and scalability and visibility. Our comprehensive and user-friendly quantitative analytics software includes asset selection, portfolio construction, funds' due diligence exchange, customised reporting and other risk management solutions. Scale at the speed of change and demand. 


Here are some of the benefits and features you can expect from our portfolio analytics solutions:

  • Robust and exportable reporting capabilities - schedule and automate up to 100 customisable reports
  • User-friendly platform and intuitive interface
  • Effective screening, monitoring and analytical tools
  • Data consolidation and aggregation from multiple sources, including Excel and multi-asset analysis
  • Third-party integrations with data feeds such as Bloomberg, Preqin, Morningstar and HFR, through powerful APIs
  • Award-winning risk management solutions, enabling investors to collect all data relating to funds, construct portfolios, manage subscriptions and redemptions and connect funds through audited digital due diligence
  • Comprehensive and consistently updated hedge fund database, allowing you to compare and analyse multiple funds simultaneously, incorporating various stress tests
  • Portfolio management optimisation - tracking and analysing portfolio liquidity, return attribution and P&L across an entire portfolio
  • Effective analysis of funds through statistical, peer and competitor analysis
  • Seamless operational due diligence enablement, which is fully auditable for demonstrable compliance
  • Configuration and customisation capabilities and personalised dashboards



It’s clear that in today’s investment management space, you need the right tools and capabilities to ensure portfolio construction and management can be operated effectively, at pace, at scale and with confidence over compliance. The only way to do this and keep up with the competition is with robust and cutting-edge portfolio analytics tools and flexible solutions.


AlternativeSoft provides robust data, superior analytics and flexible technology to hundreds of firms across over 30 countries. We give institutional investors a competitive edge with qualitative and quantitative solutions across the portfolio lifecycle. 7 out of 10 largest global institutional investors use our software, catering for all fund types across hedge funds, mutual funds, ETFs and private equity funds. And our analytical tools and data reach are unrivalled, with data easily imported from any source, including Bloomberg, Morningstar, Albourne, HFR, EurekaHedge, HFM, Preqin and Refinitiv.


Our portfolio analytics and risk management solution and expertise have earned us multiple awards, including our recent recognition from Hedgeweek for Best Risk Management Software in 2022 (which we’ve won four years in a row).


As well as industry recognition, we have the opinion of our clients. This is what Lee Gladden, CEO of Witherspoon Asset Management had to say about our portfolio analytics capabilities:


“AlternativeSoft is a sophisticated and intuitive portfolio construction tool which makes it easy for us to define and analyze performance across many relevant criteria. The analytics integrate seamlessly within our framework, with insightful portfolio reporting.”

Learn more about AlternativeSoft’s award-winning portfolio analytics solutions or get in touch to speak to our expert team about how to get started.


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